NMT specializes in providing a robust ERP solution that enhances equipment and field servicing operations. Designed to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges, our ERP solution simplifies complex processes and integrates critical aspects of service management to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase customer satisfaction. Explore the capabilities that set our system apart.

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Equipment Profiling

Create detailed profiles for each piece of equipment. Our ERP system stores and manages all relevant information, including service history, component details, and performance metrics, to enable informed decision-making and tailored service approaches.

Preventive Servicing

Stay ahead of potential failures with our preventive servicing module. Schedule regular maintenance based on equipment usage and historical data to minimize unexpected breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan.

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Reactive Servicing

Respond promptly to equipment failures with our reactive servicing capability. Our system ensures quick dispatch of technicians, streamlined communication, and access to all necessary equipment information, thereby reducing downtime and enhancing service responsiveness.

Customizable Process Flow

Adapt the ERP to meet your unique business needs. Our customizable process flow allows you to design workflows that align with your operational requirements, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in managing service tasks.

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Billing Integration

Seamlessly integrate service management with billing. Generate invoices automatically based on service logs, track payments, and manage accounts receivable directly through our ERP, ensuring accuracy and timely financial processing.

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