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Making IT Work For Business

The need to manage an ever growing amount of information and resources in a faster and more efficient way poses a major challenge for companies. One of the most effective solutions would be an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help you achieve a single, integrated end-to-end management of your business processes. ERP systems can help optimize your operations and resources to improve your overall business performance.

The ERP approach achieves unparalleled real-time reactivity and internal control throughout the company while monitoring exchanges with external partners and customers to unleash the potential for better productivity and profitability. With collated data that is fully accessible from a single channel, customize your reports to effectively interpret data and hone in on operational bottlenecks.

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Streamline Your Operations

Achieve optimal operational efficiency by having fully integrated accounting, purchasing, marketing, sales, inventory, customer relationship, manufacturing and employee management in one coherent environment.

Collaborate Effectively

With our web-based solution, company information flow is fast and secure. The flexible and intuitive access controls allow you to effortlessly connect with partners like distributors, customers and suppliers and make them an active part of your business.

Enhance Business Insights

Select your preferred presentation style - graphs, charts, tables - that best fit your needs. Stay on top of things in your business in real-time and make faster, better decisions by focusing on the bottom lines that matter.

Minimise Costs

This mix of cost-effectiveness, functional and tailor-able modules is meant to empower your business with the best ERP value. Minimise your IT costs in the long run and focus on your core business strategies.

Envision Success

With strong support for multiple entities, currencies, sites, warehouses and concurrent users, NMT-Odoo is ready to grow with you locally or remotely. With scalability built right in, you can add the right tools to your company with great ease and expand your business when you want to.

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business success.

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