Elevate your human resource management with NMT’s cutting-edge ERP solution, expertly tailored to meet the unique requirements of modern workplaces and compliant with Singapore’s employment regulations. Our comprehensive system simplifies HR tasks, enhances accuracy, and boosts employee satisfaction through intuitive modules tailored for payroll, leave, timesheets, attendance, and appraisals. Discover how our ERP can transform your HR management.

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Payroll Management with CPF Localization

Optimize your payroll operations with our ERP system, designed to seamlessly integrate with Singapore's CPF requirements. Automate calculations for contributions, deductions, and allowances, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local regulations, while saving time and reducing errors.

Leave Management with SG Localization

Manage employee leaves with a system configured for Singapore’s statutory leave requirements. From annual to maternity leave, our ERP ensures all leave policies are adhered to, providing both employees and HR managers with a clear, hassle-free leave management process.

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Timesheet Integration

Enhance project management and payroll accuracy with integrated timesheets. Our ERP solution captures precise work hours, links them to specific tasks, and streamlines payroll processing, making it easier to manage overtime and project-based billing.

Attendance Capabilities

Our robust attendance tracking module offers real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, ensuring precise attendance records. Benefit from features like biometric integration, mobile clock-ins, and detailed analytics to monitor attendance patterns and manage workforce efficiency effectively.

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Appraisal System

Drive employee development with our structured appraisal system. Set objectives, track performance, and provide feedback within a unified ERP environment. Our solution facilitates meaningful evaluations, helping you nurture talent and align employee goals with business objectives.

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