At NMT, we understand that the backbone of any successful business is its supply chain. That's why we've developed a robust ERP solution designed specifically to address the unique challenges and needs of modern supply chain management. Our ERP system is tailored to streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and enhance visibility across all segments of your supply chain. Discover the core capabilities of our solution.

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Integrated Procurement and Sales Modules

Synchronize your procurement and sales efforts with our integrated modules. This seamless connectivity ensures that your purchasing decisions are directly aligned with your sales forecasts, optimizing inventory levels and reducing costs.

Full-fledged Inventory System

Gain complete control over your inventory with our comprehensive system. Track stock levels, manage reorders, and predict inventory needs with precision, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity due to stockouts or overstock.

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Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Location Support

Expand your operations confidently with our ERP's multi-warehouse and multi-location capabilities. Manage multiple storage facilities and distribution points effortlessly, regardless of their geographical locations.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Enhance traceability with our lot and serial number tracking feature. This functionality allows for detailed tracking of products throughout the supply chain, vital for quality control, recall management, and compliance with industry standards.

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Barcode Scanning Support

Streamline your logistics with our barcode scanning support. This feature speeds up the processing of incoming and outgoing goods, reduces errors, and saves valuable time and resources.

Unlock Efficiency with NMT Supply Chain Management!

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