In the competitive world of manufacturing, staying ahead means continuously improving efficiency, quality, and flexibility. NMT’s custom ERP solution for Manufacturing / Production Management is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturers. Our system optimizes your production processes, ensures top-quality outputs, and enables seamless operations from the shop floor to delivery. Discover how our ERP solution addresses key industry challenges.

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Multi-tier BOM Support

Manage complex product structures with our multi-tier Bill of Materials (BOM) support. Our ERP system allows for detailed tracking and management of every component and sub-assembly, regardless of the number of tiers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in production planning and cost calculation.

Work Center Efficiency Tracking

Monitor and optimize the performance of your work centers in real time. Our ERP solution provides tools to track efficiency, analyze machine and labor utilization, and identify bottlenecks, allowing for proactive adjustments and enhanced productivity.

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Turnkey Work Order

Simplify work order management with turnkey solutions integrated into our ERP. From order creation through production to delivery, our system streamlines operations, reduces manual input errors, and speeds up the production cycle.

Production Planning

Advance your planning capabilities with our robust production planning tools. Forecast demand, schedule production runs, and allocate resources efficiently to meet customer demands while minimizing waste and reducing costs.

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Quality Management

Maintain the highest standards of quality with our comprehensive quality management module. Monitor quality at every stage of production, implement corrective actions promptly, and ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Take Your Manufacturing to the Next Level

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