Host events and connect with your audience

Manage your events easily on our platforms. Our events management system helps you with every aspect of your work: organisation, visibility, promotion and sales. Use it to organise any event, be it conferences, meetings, seminars, training and webinars.

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Publish your event online

Bring your event to life in a few quick clicks. Forget about technicalities and focus on your content.

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Manage speakers and content

Coordinate your event with your invited VIPs. Organise your talks and schedule your speakers easily. 

Event organisation and publication is made simple with our integrated front- and backend tools.

Rest assured that your event will be presented in a classy, timeless way on your website.

With search tools, tagging, location and speaker notation, your visitors can search for their interests easily.

Create appealing biographies easily with our intuitive editing tools. 

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Sell to sponsors

Sell sponsorship easily and get them to come to you. Publish your sponsors easily and classify them by level (e.g. gold) on every page of the event. Sell sponsorship packages online through our built-in eCommerce module.

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Increase visibility

With built-in SEO tools and Google Analytics integration, you can boost the visibility of your event. Keyword suggestion on the fly and structured content helps you promote your event and products efficiently in Google. Automatic generation of events and sitemaps. 

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Promotion tools

Segment your audience, leverage social media and utilize email marketing to reach your targets. With seamless integration and integrated system promotion tools, promote your event efficiently on all channels.

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Sell tickets online

With automated registration and online payment methods, you can manage your events ticket sales easily. Be it free or a registered event. Define special conditions for early-bird prices, member benefits or extra services for multiple tickets. Everything you need to boost your event uptake. 

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Complete Google Analytics Integration

Know your event’s statistics on the go. With our integrated Google Analytic trackers to track all events from shopping carts, call-to-actions, etc. analyze and improve your campaign easily. Our integrated data analytics and communication tools are at your disposal to have a complete 360° view of your business. 


Complete Integration for Seamless Operation


Foster close customer bonds with our in-built CRM system. Track leads, opportunities and sales from a single location.


Comes fully integrated with a modern, easy to customise website CMS that is SEO friendly.

Email Marketing

Promote your campaign and reach out to your intended audience with ease.

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business.

Streamline your business operations and processes today!