Easy-to-use Point of Sale

Setup in minutes and sell in seconds

Odoo’s Point of Sale system is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone can pick it up. With its mobile device compatible design and offline mode, rest assured your mission-critical operation keeps on going.

With complete integration with Inventory and Accounting, every transaction is traceable and synchronised. From your stock in your inventory, to your journals in your books and right up to your customers in your CRM.

With support for multiple shops and availability on the cloud, get real time statistics on your retail performance anytime anywhere.

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Designed for productivity

Point of Sales that just works

Simple, elegant and affordable

Our PoS interface comes, out of the box, beautifully designed, inter-connected and intuitive to use for the modern retailer.

Multiple customers at a go

Regardless if you’re a shop or a restaurant, handle multiple transactions in parallel to not keep your customers waiting.

Super fast search

Get product information quickly by scanning or browsing through hierarchical categories. Information truly is at your fingertips.

Online or offline, our system ensures your critical operations never fails

Reliable even when your connection is not

After you setup your system, you can start using your POS anywhere, anytime.

Our POS comes with an offline mode, a feature to ensure reliability even when your internet connection isn’t. Mission critical operations are never at risk.

With no specific hardware commitments, our POS solution is designed to work with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and industrial POS peripherals.

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Geared to Deliver Awesome Customer Service

In-store customer service

Leverage our integrated tools to enhance your customer service. Seamless manage refunds, warranties, customer claims, order deliveries, etc. From a single interface, scale new heights in quality customer service.

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Centrally controlled unified data

With complete integration with your faculties such as Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Purchasing, etc. you are fully backed with functionalities to improve your sales. Introduce new products and promotions easily and not drop a sweat, even with global strategies applied to your stores. Designed to be fully scalable, manage your stores, small or multinational, with the peace of mind that our ERP system is right there with you.

Get intimate with your customers

Get front row seats where it comes to customer demands. With our integrated CRM and customer profiling system, you can know at your fingertips their contact information, interaction history, cross-channel sales and so much more.

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Complete Integration for Seamless Operation


Integrate with sales and generate well-polished quotations.


Keep track of your stock with live stock levels, forecasts and reliable automation.

Email marketing

Engage your customers and effortlessly send them deals and special promotions.


Backed with our Double-entry system, seamlessly keep track of your finances and CoGS.

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business.

Streamline your business operations and processes today!