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Insurance Product Management

NMTIPM insurance products management is a comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based solution. Advising the customer on the correct policy and working with insurers to bundle the final insurance policies are all part of the process of the business.

This is a digital solution caters to the client’s middleman business and is for managing, monitoring, tracking new policy issuance and renewal for your customers. It covers the creation of policies, issuing, invoicing, renewal and is integrated with financial accounting features to reduce business administrative workload.

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Elderly Centre Management

NMTECM is a comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based solution. 

The system covers membership enrolment, track buddying and befriending by staff or volunteers, case and referral follow up management, events and attendance management.

The solution functions will help to maintain and update the centre's membership database, sign up seniors' attendances for activities, track and manage the delivery of befriending / buddying services as well as case referrals requested by them.

The system will provide the basic tools to track the progress more efficiently and increased the productivity of their staff.

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Consultancy Management

NMTCMS solution is for a consultant agency to nurture leads from proposal to quotation stage. When a sales is closed, a project is created with all the deliverables and consultants are assigned to the project. It tracks the progress, captures the time spent and enables invoicing as the milestones are met.

The solution includes accounting to capture all transactions in the business. Management is able to compare forecast vs actual performance of work done and make changes to business pricing.