Manufacturing efficiency reaches new levels

Track your resource capacities and hone in on bottlenecks

Complete flexibility

From a simple and powerful user interface. Customise the system to suit your operation at any stage in the process. Never again be frustrated by a rigid system. Create reusable templates for any operation and deploy your custom-defined set of tools to resolve any issue. 

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Organise and work from a high level

Organise your manufacturing orders and view from a bird’s eye view.
With Lists, Calendars, Kanban and Gantt charts, know where your production bottlenecks are in seconds.

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Customise your Master Data

Bill of Materials and routings

Manage your production chain with nested BoMs, custom routings, and version control. Our BoMs are flexible. Build kits or composite products with your manufacturing orders.

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Analyse your production chain

Live and accurate updates

Data is live in our system. Track changes in stock based on manufacturing activities and monitor its progress throughout its transformation.

Complete integration

From Sales and procurement to production, inventory and delivery. All with seamless accounting integrated.

Full integration with sales, purchasing and inventory components will help optimise resource planning for your manufacturing operations. With real-time and transparent accounting integration, gain deeper insights into your costs and revenues throughout your production process. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business.

Streamline your business operations and processes today!