Manage your employees

Access key information about your company in your address book. Manage sensitive information and keep detailed profiles of your employees. Right up to their contracts and renewal prompts.

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Time-sheets for attendance

Keep track of your staff’s work effort by project, client or task. Access statistics to timesheets and attendance. Seamless analytic accounting is integrated based on time spent on work.

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Integrated expense tracking

Approve expenses the right way. Employees can easily submit and justify expenses through the system. Approve or reject them by appropriate managers and integrate the expense reimbursements right into the Accounting system.


Recruit top talent

Manage the end-to-end recruitment process. Set up your job announcement and integrate it with your website. Accept applications online and conduct guided interviews through the system. 

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Engage your employees

Build a conducive and cooperative environment. Improve communication among your employees and motivate them with rewards.

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Social network

Encourage collaboration across your departments and location with our in-built, real time live chat. Share knowledge and best practices and set up interest groups to pool talent together and explore ideas.

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Inspire your staff with challenges, goals and rewards. Publicly recognise achievements and provide real time feedback with tangible results. 

Complete Integration for Seamless Operation


Manage your recruitment
process from start to finish.


Setup employee follow up
and help evolve your employees.


Capture your employees’ expenses and
monitor with accurate tracking tools.

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business.

Streamline your business operations and processes today!