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Manage and organise your hiring process

With complete integration with your web front, you can create job listings, publish them and gather applications all on one site. Build your database of skill sets and profiles, and handle your entire recruitment process in a professional way.

Track your job traffic in one place

Watch your application channels and consolidate them easily.

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Customise your recruitment process

Setup your own interview stages and interviewers

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Create your own strategies

Create your own hiring strategy and customise the stages: pre-qualification, first review, etc. Watch the statistics live every step of the way.

Simplify and organise your applications

Save time by automating your communication and organising your documents, CVs, cover letters, etc. and build your database of talent profiles.

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Integrated questionnaires

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Create your own interview canvas, adapt the questions to your needs and ask applicants to fill them up online or guide interviewers during the real session.

Complete Integration for Seamless Operation


Easily migrate your applicant
into your employee database.


Organise events online and
attract new talents.


Integrate your recruitment ad into your website and manage your applications online. 

Operational efficiency is paramount to any business.

Streamline your business operations and processes today!